Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators

Editors, Chris Kimble, Paul Hildreth and Isabelle Bourdon
Publisher, Information Age Publishing

As a two volume set:
Hard cover ISBN: 1593118678 , Soft cover ISBN: 159311866X

As separate volumes:
Hard Cover - Vol 1 ISBN: 1593118635 , Vol 2 ISBN: 1593118651
Soft Cover - Vol 1 ISBN: 1593118627 , Vol 2 ISBN: 1593118643


Johann Sarmiento, Drexel University, USA


Johann Sarmiento is a doctoral candidate in the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University. His areas of interest include Social Computing, Computer-supported Collaborative Learning and Human-Computer Interaction. His forthcoming dissertation, Bridging Mechanisms in Team-based Online Problem Solving: Continuity in Collaborative Knowledge Building, investigates from an interactional perspective issues of continuity and cross-team collaboration as part of the knowledge building activity of small groups in the Virtual Math Teams project - a research project at the Math Forum. Prior to starting his doctoral studies, he worked as a senior research associate at the Center for Research in Human Development and Education (CRHDE) at Temple University, conducting research and development work on the application of advanced technologies for learning.


Volume 2, Chapter 11 - Communities of Practice at the Math Forum: Supporting Teachers as Professionals