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Reading for session 6

The table below contains links to two articles I have selected from the Harvard Business review. They both relate to the use of supraorganizational Information Systems, are relevant, practical and easy to read. These articles are the minimum reading you should do for this session; you are strongly encouraged to read beyond these articles.

Supraorganizational Information Systems
Adner, R. (2006). Match Your Innovation Strategy to Your Innovation Ecosystem. Harvard Business Review, 84(4), 98 - 107.
Hagel, J., Brown, J. S., and Davison, L. (2008). Shaping Strategy in a World of Constant Disruption. Harvard Business Review, 86(10), 80 - 89.

A short summary of each article can be found here.

Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management, World Med MBA Programme - Information Systems and Strategy Course

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