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Systems Analysis

What is a systems analyst?

A Systems Analyst is somebody who performs analysis and design based upon:

The systems analyst will systematically assess how users interact with technology and business function by examining how information is created and used with the goal of improving organizational processes. The analyst needs to play many roles, often balancing several at the same time. These might include consultant, supporting expert and agent of change:

Systems Analysts usually work in project-based teams with other members of the organization. These might include:

What do they do?

The key activities of a systems analyst are:

Determining Information Requirements

The first step involves gathering data about what the current situation is and what is required in the future. This data might include:

This information is obtained through interviews, questionnaires, direct observation, by sampling and by looking at written records and other material.

Analyzing System Needs

Once the requirements have been gathered, the systems analyst moves to the systems analysis phase and analyses the present system by asking such questions as:

The aim here is to attempt to understand all aspects of the present system: why it is in its current form and how the situation might be improved by any new system. The ultimate goal of systems analysis is to provide systematic and factual information that can be used as guidance for a new design.


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