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An example of Cold Distributed Collaborative Work?

Loose coupling is often a reflection of organizational autonomy, e.g. when collaborative work takes place in different communities or departments within an organization. Frequently such work will also take place at different physical locations and/or at different times. Examples of such work might be undertaking individual research for a group project or writing a report for the rest of the group.

Although most of the literature on virtual organizations and virtual teams (see the previous section) advocates a mixture of both 'hot' and 'cold' working, home based working or teleworking can offer an example of some of the problems that are associated with an excessive reliance on only one form of Distributed Collaborative Work. For example, home based working means that there are few opportunities for interaction and feedback which can lead to social isolation and poor performance - a problem that is often compounded by the difficulty of effectively managing such work.

For supplementary reading on Teleworking see Home Based Work and Telework: where home meets workplace from the undergraduate MIS course.


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