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Please note this page is for an old version of the HI2 course - the Overview link above will return you to the archive page.

Topic 3 - HI2

The following are links that relate to the content of the third topic in HI2. The aim of this section of the course is to be able to differentiate between two different views of a Group. These will be termed the Rational view and the Functional view of groups. We will illustrate these two views using the concepts of teams and communities from the previous topic

  1. Teams - ‘Esprit de Corps’ or Contractual Relations?
  2. Communities - Knowledge Work or Social Discourse?

Two key texts will be provided for this topic, these are:

  1. Transitions in Teamwork in New Organizational Forms, G. DeSanctis and M.S. Poole, Advances in Group Processes, Vol 14, pp 157 - 176
    This not available in the library.
  2. Chapter 10, Perspective Making and Perspective Taking in Communities of Knowing in Shaping organization form: communication, connection, and community, G. DeSanctis and J. Fulk.
    This book has recently been added to the library as an ordinary loan book, but does not have a shelf mark at present.

Teams and team work

Communities and Communities of Practice

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