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Please note this page is for an old version of the HI2 course - the Overview link above will return you to the archive page.

Topic 5 - HI2

The aim of this section of the course is to develop further the ideas about the distiction between HCI and CSCW, in particular we will examine the meanings of the term 'interface' and the notion of 'co-operative work'.

The key text for this topic is:

  1. Liam Bannon, Dwelling in the "Great Divide": the case of HCI and CSCW, Chapter 15, pp 355 - 377 in Social Science, Technical Systems and Cooperative work, GC Bowker, SL Star, W Turner and L Glasser (Eds), Lawrence Erlbaum, 1997.
    Two copies of this book are on reserve in the library - shelf mark SK 6.9 BOW.

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