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Topic 7- HI2

The aim of this section of the course is to illustrate some of the concepts discussed in the previous topics in a particular setting termed the "Synthetic Environment". Here, the "Synthetic Environment" is used to describe a setting where any electronic cue to the persons identity is entirely under their own control. In the case of text based systems (such as Chat Lines and MUDS ) the person using the system creates the own identity (or identities) through the use of descriptive text. In systems such as MOOS that use VRML, the participant is free to select which ever avatar(s) they wish.

You should note that the term "Synthetic Environment" is also used widely by those who wish to create simulations of work settings (such as The Synthetic BattleBridge and the Virtual Cockpit).

More information about Virtual Environments as a framework for shared knowledge can be found here which describes some work carried out in the MIS Research Group.

Articles/web sites focusing on Synthetic Environments and issues of Identity and Gender

Examples: Chat Lines, MUDS, MOOS, MUSH's, etc

The following links relate to the content of this topic and may be of interest. Listing here does not imply endorsement. Although I do not believe this not to be the case, some of these sites may contain material that could be considered offensive.

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