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Some basic information


Lectures: 9 x 2 hour lectures
Practicals: 5 x 2 hour practicals
Private study: 44 hours
Assessment: 28 hours


This module has an open assessment which will consist of a single essay based on material that has been covered in the seminars. The essay should be in the region of 3,000 words in length, although quality, conciseness of description and depth of analysis are more important than length.

The assessment will be issued on Weds/3/Summer and submitted on Weds/6/Summer and will be an integrative exercise designed to build on the material that has already been covered. In addition to the assessment, a number of formative unassessed revision / practice essay questions will be issued towards the end of the spring term. Details of the marking scheme will be supplied with the assessment.

Learning Outcomes


The module is split into two distinct parts:

This is a research-oriented module. Students are expected to undertake their own research and to find suitable material for themselves. In addition, lecture notes, articles and web based links to relevant material (follow the appropriate links from the overview page) paper copies of relevant research papers and/or reports will also be distributed during the lectures and/or seminars.

Recommended Books

There are a number of books on the topic of systems design methodologies (SDM) which are suitable for this type of course. To simplify the search, I have created a list of SDM text books that I used with this course.

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